Savoy’s South Indian Kitchen: A Culinary Journey and Brand Evolution


Savoy’s South Indian Kitchen, renowned for its authentic South Indian cuisine, began a transformative journey with Tecsess in 2019. From a single establishment, Savoy’s has now blossomed into a multi-branch entity, with each location echoing the brand’s commitment to traditional flavors and culinary excellence.

Tecsess, with its expertise in branding and digital marketing, has been a catalyst in this remarkable expansion, driving the brand into new realms of success and recognition.

Brand Expansion and Locations

Savoy’s journey from a single Edmonton-based outlet to a multi-branch phenomenon is a story of strategic growth and passion for food. The brand’s expansion includes its branches in Edmonton, Calgary, Express, and Glenridding, each carefully chosen to reach a diverse customer base while maintaining the essence of South Indian culinary traditions.

The ambiance, menu selection, and customer service at each location are tailored to ensure a memorable dining experience that keeps patrons returning.

Savoy’s South Indian Kitchen: Culinary Highlights

At the heart of Savoy’s success is its menu, a delightful array of traditional South Indian dishes. From the spicy and savory flavors of South Indian dishes and curries, the menu at Savoy’s is a testament to the diversity and richness of South Indian cuisine.

The chefs at Savoy’s, with their deep understanding of traditional cooking methods and ingredients, bring an authentic touch to each dish, ensuring a genuine South Indian dining experience.

Social Media Presence and Impact

Recognizing the pivotal role of social media in today’s digital landscape, Tecsess devised a robust strategy to amplify Savoy’s online presence. We focused on showcasing the brand’s unique offerings, cultural heritage, and culinary expertise through various social media channels.

By creating captivating content, engaging with the audience, and harnessing the power of social media advertising, we were able to exponentially increase Savoy’s visibility and customer engagement. This not only expanded their customer base but also built a community of food enthusiasts around the brand.

Tecsess’s Strategic Approach

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Savoy’s encompassed several key areas:

  • Website Optimization: Enhancing the website’s design and functionality to improve user experience and online ordering capabilities.
  • Targeted Content Marketing: Developing a content strategy that highlights Savoy’s culinary expertise, heritage, and the unique aspects of each branch.
  • SEO and Local Search Optimization: Employing advanced SEO techniques to increase visibility in local search results, attracting more patrons to each location.
  • Engaging Social Media Campaigns: Crafting and executing dynamic social media campaigns that highlight special events, promotions, and the authentic South Indian dining experience.

Extension into Captain’s Fish and Savoy’s Foods

Savoy’s expansion into Captain’s Fish and Savoy’s Foods marks a significant milestone in its growth journey. Captain’s Fish, with its focus on providing high-quality frozen seafood, caters to customers seeking convenient yet premium seafood options.

Savoy’s Foods further diversifies the brand’s portfolio, offering an array of frozen food products that include Coconut, Porotta etc. This range is designed for customers seeking convenience without compromising on quality and taste. Each product is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and flavor, reflecting Savoy’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Tecsess’s Role in Branding Captain’s Fish and Savoy’s Foods

Tecsess played a pivotal role in branding and promoting both Captain’s Fish and Savoy’s Foods. We developed distinct brand identities for each, ensuring they align with the overarching ethos of Savoy’s while also standing out in their respective markets. Our digital marketing strategies for these brands included:

  • Website Development and SEO: Creating unique, SEO-optimized websites that offer a user-friendly shopping experience.
  • Content Strategy and Marketing: Crafting engaging content that tells the story of each product, its origins, and its quality.
  • Social Media and Online Advertising: Implementing targeted social media and online advertising campaigns to reach a broader audience and drive sales.

Impact and Results

The collaboration between Savoy’s, Captain’s Fish, Savoy’s Foods, and Tecsess has yielded impressive results:

  • A significant increase in overall brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Substantial growth in online and physical foot traffic across all branches and product lines.
  • Effective market penetration and brand establishment for Captain’s Fish and Savoy’s Foods.


The journey of Savoy’s South Indian Kitchen, along with its extensions Captain’s Fish and Savoy’s Foods, is a shining example of strategic growth, branding excellence, and the power of digital marketing. Tecsess is proud to have been a part of this journey, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Savoy’s.

If your brand is seeking a similar transformation, Tecsess is here to make it happen. Contact us to start your brand’s journey of digital excellence.


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